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The Appalachian Flag Company was founded in 2015 by Grayson and Gaby Hicks. Through their lifelong love of the Appalachian region, they realized that no symbol, no flag, had succeeded in representing the people that inhabited Appalachia. There were American flags, state flags, Confederate flags, college flags, but none of these evoked an accurate sense of place. Appalachia is different than America, different than the states in which it lies. It is different than the Confederacy and different than the colleges that lie within it. So we travelled the spine of Appalachia and designed a flag that every Appalachian should be proud to fly, the Appalachian Flag.


This company is first and foremost about the flag. We’re often asked about the story behind its design. We set out to create a timeless symbol that tells the story of Appalachia. Here’s the breakdown: green for the rolling hills and thick forests, blue for the vital crystal waters, a white star for each state that these hills touch, gray for the mystic, blanketing fogs, a dignified scroll proclaiming our name, and last but not least, our black bear. He captures the spirit of power, freedom, and ingenuity of the Appalachian people (we still love you, salamanders). Our dream is that this flag will reach the home, heart, and porch of every Appalachian, uniting us all as one.



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